Azure Monitor for Windows Phone 7 is out!

Azure Monitor for Windows Phone 7 lets you manage your Windows Azure subscriptions from your mobile device.

  • List azure hosted services and view service information.
  • Manage and move your deployments from production to staging.
  • View key performace metrics of your instances.
  • Delete hosted services.
  • Stop and start a deployment.
  • Restart and reimage a role instance.
  • Change the numbers of instances in a role.
  • Change the numbers of instances in a role.
  • List your storage services.
  • List SQL Azure Servers and get información about server, firewall rules etc…

Azure Monitor Web Portal: 

Azure Monitor WP7 Application: 

Windows Phone 7 application uses an intermediary service that is hosted on Windows Azure, in West Europe DataCenter.

For this reason, to use the WP7 app you have to register your subscription in the web application, in the subscriptions page. This page will ask you a LiveId account.

In the WP7 phone you have to authenticate with the same LiveId and add again the subscriptionid that you want to manage.

Note: With bad 3G connections I have detected that application works slower than I expect. I will try to fix this problem.

    Here you have some screenshots taken from the emulator: